SAGE Math Package


Under progress!

This is a reference for the sage math package.

Web Notebooks

To start run notebook() from an interactive shell; passing a directory as an argument will store files there. Also trysage_wiki()!

To get help on a cmd type cmd? in an cell and press the Escape key.

Interactive Shell

Instead of the usual python ** you can use ^ like the rest of the world, at least from the notebook and shell; use the old operator in scripts?

Prefacing with time gives processor time statistics; you can wrap a series of commands with t = cputime() and cputime(t) to get the sum of time statistics; walltime works similarly.

The general trick for saving text representations of objects is to open a file dscriptor and write the str of the object to it.

save_session and load_session save all objects in the session to a .sobj file.