If running a router behind a router, don’t forget to set different subnets! Eg, if the “upstream” router is at, then downstream routers should be at (or similar).

To get lsusb and lspci, install the usbutils and pciutils packages.

To bring up new adapters (eg, USB or miniPCI), process is to search to find the drivers which support either the exact device or chipset, then update opkg and grep output of “opkg list” for the OpenWRT kernal package for those drivers.

Use the sysupgrade images when upgrading an existing OpenWrt-based installation, either via the LuCI web interface or the command line (wget). Use the factory image when installing OpenWrt through the original firmware’s web interface or using the tftp netboot method.

RouterStation Pro

miniPCI issues:

No dice using Intel 2200 with ipw2200 driver; got a kernel crash. Driver doesn’t support MIPS? Trac ticket:

See also pfSense:

Tenda W311Ma

blargh. doesn’t seem to work with tp2x00 (?) drivers?


SATA drive: