“Recent Godard Film” (can’t remember title)

This was a “hard” serious film, and to be honest I didn’t follow a single minute of it. I think rmo, who I saw it with, saw and connected much more, but even his explanations didn’t make any sense to me. Still not sure if disapointed in myself (for not knowing more context?) or the film (for being inscrutiable, and/or indulgent and vapid). Reminded me of the Orson Wells film from last year.

John Wick 3

Saw with mouse; I think most of my enjoyment came as spill over. The library scene was fun, the desert shootout with doggies was gripping. The degree of of style but total ridiculousness is new to me. I liked the type-writer score-keeping room entirely run by punk (women?) in starched white shirts.

Southland Tales

Re-watched this at home in SF with Lucy and Will. They didn’t love it, but could stomach it, I think. Had recently visited LA and it was sort of fun to remember real locations. Just after screening I felt disapointed and over it (heavy-handed, long, slow, plot is a mess, gag-oriented, indulgent, whatever), but now months later I still feel like I love the film for it’s weirdness, the musical scene, and Dwayne Johnson.

“Flamboyant Portugese Film” (can’t remember title)

Mixed/weird feelings about this one. It wasn’t very good overall, lots of slow or “ugh” jokes and moments, but there were enough surreal visual gags to be compeling.

I liked the undercover character, and of course the pink puppy football sequences. Having it be another culture (Portugal) and language made it easier to laugh, though very close to the bone (Trump era).

Crappy MCU Films

Guess I watched a bunch of these this spring? Final Avengers film, Captain America? Can’t even remember now. I love a summer blockbuster; I fondly remember escaping NYC heat and humidity for giant robot battles, and the spectacle of Cinerama action films. But feel like the pattern of shutting off higher brain function and letting the high-production-value slurry drain down has become addictive and un-fun.

The Farewell (2019)

Saw with Lucy at the Egyptian in Seattle. A good film, would recommend in general, but it particularly touched both Lucy and me for being so close to her personal family story and travel experiences in China (both her own trips and us together to see her family). The theater was full of couples in tears.

I liked this so much more than “Crazy Rich Asians”, though it probably won’t reach as wide an audience.

Only God Forgives


Towering Inferno

SF Hyatt Regency, OJ Simpson, etc!

I am Love

Solid family drama. Always love Tilda Swinton in anything.

American Psycho

Alright I guess, only watched for the pop culture.