Anihiliation (2018)

I liked this more than I expected. Some of the body horror stuff made me squeamish (which wasn’t what I was looking for), but the overall plot was mysterious without trying too hard. The visuals, particularly towards the end, got me excited about what people could be doing with digital effects. Strikingly similar to “Stalker”.

Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

There were a few fun scenes, and well acted/produced, but there was too much materialism and brand placement for my taste. Felt like more of a “coming out” for Asian elites than Asian-Americans write large, but the specific sensitivity to the American-born Asian/Chinese experience w/r/t old-country power was well-recieved.

Sorry to Bother You (2018)

Loved her t-shirts. Loved the “upper floor” business vibe.

Roma (2018)

Very good. Got to see at the Castro theater with Lucy.

(that Orson Wells thing at Roxie)

Ugh, really didn’t enjoy watching this, and doesn’t feel like I was able to pluck out enough nutritional value for it to be worth it. At the same time, pretty memorable and entirely self-aware. The film-within-a-film was spot-on for weird 70s stuff like Holy Mountain or even Clockwork Orange. A lot of the cuts reminded me of the original Prisoner TV show.

I would take 8 1/2 over this film in a heartbeat.

Infernal Affairs II

Saw it on the plane and don’t remember much, which was a loss.

Die Hard

Saw it on the plane and didn’t need to remember any details, which is great. Has become hip as an homage to building infrastructure, and I did like that angle.

Sicario: Day of the Soldado

Can’t say it’s a great film, but I drink up the dark moodiness and soundtrack like sugar water. Not as good as the first film, but only because the mood only goes so far, and the plot/characters are stretched thin. Liked it better than I expected though.

What Happened To Monday

Watched so many films on that flight!

Acting was decent, but gimmicky. Overall, meh, even for an in-flight watch. One-child policy plot and twist was horrible. Wished I was watching Children of Men (the opposite problem) the whole time.